Professor Meowingtons is ready to steal yo girl. You may have thought Deadmau5 was done with the lavish shenanigans after buying a green-friendly Tesla, but oh how you were wrong. His famed kitty is now riding in a miniature, battery-powered model of the Kalee Lamborghini Murcielago LP670.

While $300 may not seem like much for the hall-of-fame-worthy producer, you have to consider the sheer impracticality of this purchase. Not only is the cat clearly incapable of driving, but is also visibly indifferent about the car.


Deadmau5 makes an absurd amount of money – and he has the right to spend it whichever way he pleases – but this one seems a tad ridiculous. Rappers that buy these toys for their kids can be considered a little extravagant, and Joel just bought one for his cat.


H/T Auto Evolution