Throwing illegal raves in the woods sounds like a great time… until the police get involved. Over the weekend Police broke up an illegal rave of over 1000 in the Twyford Woods, U.K. Finding out about the event due to several noise complaints, officers responded to the party and were immediately met with an onslaught of attendees throwing objects at them upon approach.

Having to call in neighboring departments, the police were able to seize the speakers and remained at the site until Sunday morning. In the process of seizing the DJ setup, 3 officers and 1 police dog were injured.

The rave, which was built to sustain quite the crowd, was reported because the bass was too loud. A spokesman for the police department issued the following statement after breaking up the rave:

“Police attended and found a large and illegal rave and the officers came under attack from an estimated 200 or so of the estimated 1,000 or so who were at the site.

As a result, three officers and a police dog were injured. One officer has a serious, but not life-threatening injury the other two officers have minor injuries. All the injuries were a result of missiles thrown from the crowd.

Four people have now been arrested. One man, whose details are not available at the moment, and three women aged 18, 20 and 21 from Norfolk.

Our core responsibility is the safety of the public. This rave is illegal and unsafe and we urge people who were thinking of coming, not to. They will be stopped from getting to the site by police.”

Although we do support throwing forest raves, please, do not attack law officials when they do find out about your event. Especially don’t injure the dog.

You can read the full report on the Telegraph

Image Source: BBC News