If you’ve kept up with Deadmau5 for some time now, you’ll know that he often takes to popular streaming site Twitch to connect with his fans. Whether he’s playing video games or creating music, his streams serve as a direct line into his daily life and creative processes. Yesterday, Deadmau5 gave us the best of both worlds with a two hour Diablo III session followed by nearly five hours of production. During the stream he puts in heavy work on his revision of his collaboration with Kaskade and Skylar Grey as well as his tune with Grabbitz. So whether you want to see Joel clear some rifts or fine tune his synths, these videos are sure to keep your interest.

The first player shows Diablo III until about the 2:10:00 mark. The second is all production until 2:29:00 when he switches back over to the game.


Photo: EDMChicago