The Americanos, formed by DJ Felli Fel, Lex Larson and Louie Rubio, have their first single for the world with “BlackOut.” Lil Jon, Juicy J and Tyga bring this tune some crossover value with their turn up vocal performance. The song is called “BlackOut,” so I think the level of turn up needed for that is pretty high. Did they succeed? Yes.

Now that we’ve established the tune is rager ready, let’s get to it. Acts branching out who deliver a big room style house track can be suspect, but “BlackOut” is one of those tracks that was done correctly. DJ Felli Fel and Lil Jon are known for making catchy songs, and with the help of the rest of the crew, the whole squad went in on a solid record. Have a listen, but be careful if your Mom is nearby; she is not going to like the lyrics. Yay profanity!