If we can take a moment to look back to a few months ago, producer and DJ Borgeous put out and elegant track called “They Don’t Know Us” released via Spinnin’ Records. This track combined passionate vocals with a backbone made of progressive house equalling one magnificent piece of music. Who knew that fast forwarding two and a half months later that it would receive a house-party/festival stage remix just in time for the summer? Only one name comes to mind and it’s the guy who remixed this song in the first place.

Miami producer TEGI has taken many huge tunes and given them his own touch of electro house. From the tunes like “Wave Your Hands” by Bassjackers and Thomas Newson to Nicky Romero‘s “Symphonica”, TEGI can take any tune and turn it into a main stage slayer and his latest remix is no exception. With “They Don’t Know Us”, TEGI keeps the vocals intact, but redesigns the drop to fit the equivalent set of a massive, energetic opening or headlining act.

It also helps to know that this tune is available for free. Scroll over to the SoundCloud link below and download it at your leisure. Whether you want to utilize it in your own DJing ventures or simply need something to add on your weekend playlists, the TEGI remix of “They Don’t Know Us” by Borgeous is ideal for that and then some.