Following the release of Kap Slap’s first original tune, “Let It All Out,” his team set up a stellar remix competition with some great prizes, including a release on Ultra Records and a premiere with Your EDM.

The winner of the competition was Leeyou & Danceey with an upbeat, deep house rendition that takes everything good from the original with a super dancey new spin.

“We heard the original song and really liked what Kap Slap did,” says Leeyou & Danceey, “and once we found out there was a remix competition we thought we might as well attend it to see if we can give the song our own twist. But pretty much we just wanted to remix a bad ass song.”

“Angelika Vee did a great job on the mic and since we love playing around with vocals we had a lot of space to come up with something totally different which you can hear in the chorus, totally surprisingly and unique.”

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