Buckle up, this is the Bad Royale takeover of Your EDM! We’ve got your favorite music news outlet hostage and you aren’t getting it back until you’ve met our demands!

Our first demand is that you read this interview. Currently doing so? Good, keep it up and you might see Your EDM survive. Second demand is that you immediately raise Bad Royale to the top of your favorite music producers list. Oh, you mean we were already there? Well… this is… awkward…

For those of you who aren’t in the know and are silently asking yourself “WTF am I reading and what the hell is a Bad Royale?,” we’ve got news for you! We are the latest and greatest – and possibly the sexiest – producer/model group to come out of a test tube at Disneyland. Let us catch you up with a little Q&A that we had with Tyler in the basketball court in the Matterhorn:

You guys seemingly have come out of nowhere, how exactly did Bad Royale get started?

It was a joke. We all come from very different backgrounds, and by the luck of life, we ended up working together. We started tooling around with different genres in our spare time, just joking around, making stupid tracks. Before we knew it, it became something real and we ran with it. This music style was never something we really expected to make before.

How would you define this music style that you guys have been producing?

Kingstep! We don’t really know how to define it. We usually try to take some really stupid sounds and turn them into something amazing. Last night we recorded a stupid, chirping bird outside and made it into a bassline.

So you’re all pretty close with each other then, where do you four call home?

Magicland, CA. It’s inside the Matterhorn at Disneyland. If you go around the backside, just behind the churro cart, there is a suspicious-looking door with a “high voltage” sign on it. That’s us.

Legend has it that 2015 is going to be a big year for Bad Royale, what makes that so?

Well, we’ve got 30 original tracks lined up to release before the end of the year. Kind of insane, it’s just non-stop! Every month has a couple releases starting right now.

30 tracks is somewhat unheard of, how do you feel about the saying “quality over quantity?”

People that say “quality over quantity” just aren’t good enough to produce quality at this speed. Most of our tracks get done in a single day. If a project takes longer than one day to finish, then we delete it. We’ve clicked “File > New” more times than there are stars in the universe. Every track starts with a completely empty file. We don’t save anything, we don’t use templates.

Incredible, what DAW are the group of you producing on?

We usually use our Ti-83 for most productions, but sometimes we sway a bit and jump to Nintendo 64.

We’ve heard that you have big plans for live shows, how do you guys prepare for those?

We masturbate a lot pre-show. Also lots of Kinect games on Xbox for cardio. Someone needs to develop something that can combine these two pre-show traditions for us… oh yeah, and energy drinks.

You guys have been hiding your identities online, are you going to give me the honor to reveal you to the world in this interview?


Don’t you guys think that the whole ‘secret, hide-your-identity producer thing’ is overplayed now?

Absolutely, we don’t care about the mystery at all. This isn’t about ‘focusing on the music’ like every other hidden producer says. We are just really ugly and don’t want to hurt your eyes.

So, do the four kings that you hide behind represent anything?

They are basically an abstraction of ourselves. They represent our different nationalities and backgrounds. We are a bunch of misfits that came together to create a single project and we wanted to show that.

Do you guys have any final words you’d like to get in?

Just want to give a MASSIVE shoutout to Buygore for the huge support they are throwing our way. We would still be yelling at each other and fighting with Nerf swords if it wasn’t for them checking out the stupid things we sent them.

If you want to stay up to date on four big, strong, handsome kings, then follow us on our socials. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.


Disclaimer: This article was written by Bad Royale, as Tyler has been hiding out and riding rides in Disneyland since the interview. If you see him, please capture him.