An unbelievable video has surfaced from Mysteryland, where revelers who were partying on top of a stage witnessed a girl climb the railing in front of them and fall a long distance below. The surrounding people were clearly shocked, but took action and went to security immediately. The girl reportedly believed the black cloth to have a solid surface under it, but was in for quite the surprise after dropping down on the other side of the rail.

Although we have yet to confirm her medical condition, she appeared to fall quite some way. AllĀ attendees were allowed on top of the Boat Stage, and although the volume of people was monitored by security, there was none to be seen at the relatively short guard rail when there clearly should have been.

Check out the video below courtesy of Chris Saliture, who offered further insight into the incident as well.

“She was carried out on a stretcher and she was moaning and in rough shape. They closed the viewing deck on the boat afterward. I doubt you’ll be able to go up top the boat again at any future Mysteryland shows.”

Following another near fatal incident at an east coast EDM festival, where a girl was almost lit on fire at Counterpoint Music Festival, we are sure that upcoming festivals will be cracking down on any and all safety concerns to prevent such occurrences.