In capitalism, competition is good. It forces competitors to ramp up their services, lower costs, and gives consumers more choices. At this point, there are a few leading follow-to-download services including, and Artist Intelligence Agency.

The newest kid on the block is Tunebula.

Featuring a large host of statistics and real-time analytics, the backend allows you to know exactly who sees your tracks, where people are listening to you, and when they download your music.

  • With Tunebula users can create Follow to Download campaigns effortlessly in 2 clicks.
  • It allows you to grow your following on most popular social media platforms like Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
  • When you create your campaign you can choose which of your connected social accounts needs to be followed when users download your track.
  • Also it allows you to choose if you want your track to be liked by the users Soundcloud account when they download it.
  • If that’s not enough you can also turn the repost on Soundcloud option.
  • Adding collaborators is simple as just adding their Soundcloud usernames to campaign settings.
  • You can add up to 5 additional Soundcloud usernames as collaborators to be followed in campaign, and they don’t even have to be registered with Tunebula!
  • Tunebula dashboard offers powerful Real-Time analytics: pie chart and line chart statistics on your fanbase growth for all your connected social accounts, showing total and individual tracks campaigns, “visits vs downloads” to view your campaigns performance. Also how many new fans you gained using your campaigns, your top downloaded tracks as well download numbers showed on world map and table with numbers per country.
  • Follow to download campaign pages created automatically when you choose one of your tracks from your connected SC account using Tunebula Campaigns dashboard.
  • Campaign pages or Download pages look stunning thanks to our technology that automatically generates pixel perfect visuals using track artwork and clean typography.
  • You can fully control or modify your existing campaigns by changing name, collaborators or social accounts to follow, turn on/off like or repost option.
  • Settings section allows to connect or disconnect individual social accounts, edit your profile information, manage subscription plan, and view invoices.
  • Help section offers useful ticket submission form for 24/7 email support.
  • Tunebula platform works on any device (pc, tablet or smartphone)

Tunebula is an honest alternative to other FTD platforms, and is worth a try. See if you like it at

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