Back on April 14th, a year after Dead Battery‘s accident, we posted the first chapter of his album, Recovery. Since then, the second and third chapters have been released, and today we present to you the final episode of this mesmerizing project. Let’s hop back into the story, and finish out the journey.

Dead Battery is back after a rapid recovery, this time with a new perspective. Transitioning out of recovery into a new life is a daunting task, but the still young producer is ready to live again, despite possible obstacles. Life is finite. It’s powerfully liberating once you truly realize that. Dead Battery faced having no future, and now he gets to see life in a new light.


With powerful original lyrics, “Stay” is one of the most moving works on the album. His will to live and stay in this world is manifest in this alluring tale. In going through the accident, a chance to start again opened its door. Life is about choice, and Tobias has chosen to live. His positive energy continues to build with this vocal hymn.

Sustain The Illusion

No matter how much positive momentum is behind someone, doubts are inevitable. “Sustain The Illusion” is the brave face of a changed man facing the outside world with a veiled sense of fear. A multitude of instruments including guitar, chimes, keys and pads convey this image that subsides with static. Is it the doubt that is diminishing, or Tobias himself?


“F” kicks off with strong chords and a celestial voice. It’s a lasting song that takes its time to develop. Dead Battery understands the accident has changed him, and lifelong consequences shall be had. His outlook on life has also changed, which led him down the recovery path much faster than anticipated; however he knows there’s more challenges to face. The rest of his life never felt so real, and he’s ready for it.

Wake Up

Dead Battery is ready for the world like never before. “Wake Up” is the confidently playful outro that brings this story to a close. It’s the scene in the movie where the man walks into the sunset, ready for whatever life throws at him, right before the credits roll. It’s a musical epiphany that crescendos into a climax that simply sinks away.

Recovery came naturally. There’s a certain organic nature to the entire project that is hard to dispute. Each song is a journey of its own, but they’re all patched together for a narrative that can only be truly understood through listening. Life is continuously changing, and this album captures that movement through the lens of a rehabilitating musician. Recovery is an exercise of the human condition.

If you would like to purchase Recovery, both digital and vinyl copies are available thanks to Kannibalen Records and SuicideSheep.