Right now Counterpoint Music Festival is closing down in the rolling hills of Georgia; a perfect time for Kygo to make his headlining appearance.

A Your EDM staff member, Ben Jacobs,  was in the crowd for Kygo’s set and caught video of Kygo’s assistant manager*, running on stage to save a girl who was nearly burned to death. A mere ten seconds after Kygo’s assistant manager rushes her off the stage, and after a few boos ring out from the crowd in disdain for removing the fan, it quickly becomes apparent that his actions were honorable when unexpected fire – hot enough to kill – shoots out in front of the stage where the girl was standing mere moments before.

Myles, Kygo’s manager, had some words about the incident as well:

“It’s important to make sure everyone is safe at all costs. As a manager the show needs to be the best it can be but must make sure everyone is enjoying themselves in a responsible manner.”

Check out the video below and join us in applauding his actions for preventing another surefire festival fatality.

* Article edited on May 25th, 2015 to correctly identify the individual in the video. An earlier version incorrectly stated that Myles Shear removed the girl from harm when it was in fact Kygo’s Assistant Manager.