Anheuser Busch’s Bud Light brand sure knows how to throw a party. Not only are they the purveyors of one of America’s most popular party libations, they are also the connoisseurs of one kick ass party. Whatever, USA weekend long excursions are the events dreams are made of.

Last year’s inaugural Whatever, USA rewarded 1,000 #UpForWhatever consumers with an unforgettable weekend that included branded jets, LED suits, drag queen drag racing, hype hop karaoke with Lil Jon, a Vanilla Ice ice cream truck, concerts by Questlove, Charli XCX, Alesso (and more), and dozens of other unexpected, unbelievable experiences.

Bud Light then continued the #upforwhatever fun during Super Bowl XLIX by introducing the first-ever, equally crazy, Bud Light House of Whatever (which you can now see at various events and festivals like TomorrowWorld as it travels across the country).


This year’s event is shaping up to be even better than the last. This May 29-31st thousands of  exclusive invite-only guests and contest winners will flock to Catalina Island where the amazing Bud Light team has constructed an entire party city on the beautiful island. The experiences that await attendees will truly be mind-blowing.

The Evolution of Partying

First, crowds were going to 1 concert to see 1 band they loved. Then we evolved into going to 1 concert to see 2 bands we loved, then three. Then some genius came up with idea of a day long music event filled with music and art. Then someone capitalized on that idea to create a weekend long music festival that brought an entirely new experiential nature to enjoying music. Now, Bud Light has taken things one step further by curating an entire weekend of music + celebrities doing hilarious things that you can interact with. Vanilla Ice might roll up in an ice cream truck and serve you vanilla ice cream. Lil Jon might surprised people at a super small underground venue and act as a hype man while guests do karaoke. at Super Bowl. Nelly may join fans in participating in a dating game. Shaq might serve as a model in a painting class before hopping on stage to DJ. The sky is honestly the limit at a Whatever, USA event. On top of all of those amazing experiences you have some of the best live music being played by top artists in all genres. The best way to explain what the experience is like is to watch the recap video from the event last year. Be prepared for mad FOMO.
Your EDM will be on-sight reporting live on all of the events and goings-on’s that are pertinent our amazing fans. We can’t wait to see what EDM acts they have in store!


Thank you so much for the invite, Bud Light!

Your EDM is so #upforwhatever!