With the first big weekend of festival season under our belts, the upcoming weekend seems pretty boring in comparison. Thankfully, there’s plenty of sets from EDC New York to keep you going. In case you weren’t there, or were rocking out to your favorite DJs on the Mainstage, here are the four sets you may have missed last weekend:

1. Duke Dumont

This is definitely the summer of vibes, lead by Blase Boys Club’s labelhead. Dressed in a fun tropical shirt, Duke Dumont’s Circuit Grounds performance was a wonderful reminder that good house music is here to stay. Performing before DJ Snake drew many new fans who may not have been familiar with Duke, but caught on quickly, especially when he dropped his hit track “The Giver (Reprise)” halfway through. Drawing in new fans is what festival season is all about, so well done Mr. Dumont.

2. Firebeatz

Sometimes having an earlier time slot can be tricky, but Tim and Jurre handled it with finesse. Packed with tons of unreleased tunes, Firebeatz threw down one of the most high energy sets of the weekend. But instead of throwing down 60 minutes of bangers, Firebeatz drew fans in with multiple styles. If you’re someone that enjoys a wide variety of music, from Chocolate Puma, to Dash Berlin, to Daft Punk and everything in-between, be sure to give this set a listen.

3. Eric Prydz

With Eric Prydz vs. Kaskade on Sunday Night, the choice was difficult. Both DJs are festival staples, and both call for a specific mood to enjoy their sets. If Kaskade won out with your group and you were forced to miss Prydz against your own will, then maybe, just maybe getting a chance to relive this set will be worth it. As usual, Prydz did a number on the Mainstage, which was even more impressive given his spot between Tiesto and Knife Party. But trivial things like timeslots and stages mean nothing to the swede who brought out all his aliases to close out EDC.

4. MarLo

Trance is not dead! EDC New York proved that. Insomniac always does well to bring Trance to their festivals, with MarLo making a big splash on the mainstage on Sunday afternoon. With clear blue skies and a big crowd of fans eager to enjoy the Australian, MarLo didn’t hold back. Instead of playing of the most popular tracks, MarLo gave attendees a proper look into the world of trance. Similar to Duke Dumont, MarLo also allowed people to discover something new, and was a real treat for those who had been trance fans for years.

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Photos by Krystal Spencer