Dearbháil Mulhern is a deputy coroner in Ireland, who oversees inquests of suicide victims. After seeing Alesso‘s music video for “We Could Be Heroes,” which has nearly 65 million views and is one of the biggest records on his album, Forever, she had some serious questions concerning the message that the Swedish house maestro was portraying.

“Unfortunately, social media has a lot to say. There is a song in the charts at the moment called ‘We Could be Heroes’ and the video shows a suicide at the end. These people [artists] should be more mindful of the vulnerability of the people they are targeting and I hope the media present will get this message out.”

While her points are valid, we look to our readers, the heart and soul of electronic dance music, to interpret the video for themselves. As always we encourage you to leave a comment with your thoughts on this controversial matter.

Check it out below: