is a Parisian interactive art group who’s latest installation is something that fans of EDM would relish.

The piece is an illuminated, harp-like instrument the size of a small room which is composed of plastic tubes, infrared sensors and accompanying audio output. When strummed by the observer, light scatters throughout the manipulated section of the display – immersing the user in an eerie light and sound show that we believe would entertain ravers for hours on end.

“This project represents very well the type of experiences we create. Interactive experiences that connect the web and physical world to tell one story and use each medium in its own specific way. Both parts explore the concept of perception and point of view and allow participants to find meaning with their interactions and the interaction of others.” -Founder, Daniel Iregui

Check out the video via The Creators Project below, and be sure to comment which festival you’d like to see this incredible exhibit at!

H/T Fact Mag