I have waited for over three years to see Bassnectar. Originally from Virginia, I could have attended the annual Basslights event for New Years in Hampton, VA on several occasions; however I knew that I would be moving to Colorado in the foreseeable future, so I held off from seeing him. I wanted my first Bassnectar experience to be at the legendary Red Rocks venue, and for my first Bassnectar experience to also coincide with my first Red Rocks experience – so I put off attending any shows at the venue as well, until last night.

And I must say, I don’t think there is a better combination of firsts to be found. The energy that Lorin commands at the hallowed amphitheater is unparalleled, and when talking to several people around us they reinforced that Nectar at Red Rocks is the best of the best. Colorado loves nobody more.

His set was flawless, too. Bassnectar truly takes the audience on a journey. From high energy, raging moments to sensual times where I found myself wrapped in my fiancĂ©e’s arms and even a brief respite down the rabbit hole, we heard everything from Queen to The Beatles, and even better: brand new music. You can check out both debuts in full below, they were recorded directly after Lorin proclaimed that this was his first time playing them, ever. Both are phenomenal, quintessential Nectar tracks with tripped out interludes and punchy, energetic drops.

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