Pep & Rash are the Dutch duo that you might have heard of from their ID turned dance floor heater, “Rumors,” or their pluck-throbbing single, “Fatality.” The duo have been straight on the heals of fellow future house countryman Oliver Heldens with their groove-driven musical endeavors. Well, since you know how these two work, it won’t be a surprise when you know that there is a country-inspired, future house banger that has been circling as an ID lately and it turns out to be none other than Pep & Rash’s “Red Roses.”

A Western guitar lick sits atop a briskly building drumline that then drops into a spastic whirlwind of glitchy bass studders that once again proves the Dutch duo’s affinity for pushing future house even farther into the future. Another great track in the books for them, Pep & Rash continue their upswing into the spotlight that will certainly come after (or even during) this summer season.

The track is now out via Spinnin’ Records on Beatport.