As the internet continues on it’s quest for omnipotence, record sales continue to decline and resulting profit margins inch closer and closer to zero for labels and artists alike.

The inherent question is: what happens next – and the outspoken Diplo has the answer.

“I don’t care if anybody – and you can quote me on this – trades my records, leaks my records. I don’t care. I can’t make money off the sales, but I’ll make money off doing shows, or selling merchandise.”

EDM means more than electronic dance music, after all. It also stands for “event-driven marketing,” which is the path that the Philadelphia native is pursuing most earnestly. Furthermore Diplo aims to embrace the haters, and the publicity, whether it be good or bad.

“I’m, like, clickbait. I saw it with the GIF thing – I got more followers. People who didn’t know who I am known who I am now, even if they hate me. Is that a bad thing? Actually, no, in 2015 it’s not. Kanye proved that. All you need to do is be in their minds.”

Citing Kanye again as a perpetrator of the genre of dance hall as well, one which Diplo is quite passionate about, it appears that he might be aiming to fill the Kanye West roll for EDM. His latest album as part of Major Lazer, Peace Is The Mission, surely takes strides to establish dance hall in the realm of electronic music & you can check it out below for full stream today.

H/T Expose