Nearly a month ago, we reported on the mystery ID artist behind the track “Slowly.” Its smooth and chill style, mixing deep bass with garage influences, lent itself to dozens of guesses behind the identity of the ID artist.

Calling ID the next Zhu definitely helped create a buzz, as anonymous artists are all the rage these days. In a climate where focus is pushed more onto the music, I’m all for it. But ID wants to reveal himself or herself in the coming week – June 9th, to be exact.

But first … I want to play a game. Literally.

The team behind “Slowly” has created a word search with various producer’s names hidden within. Once you find a producer who you think might be behind ID, tweet it to @Your EDM with the hashtag #TakeMeThereSlowly, or post a comment on Facebook with your guess.

Example: “@youredm ‘slowly’ is by @Matzo #TakeMeThereSlowly”

Play the game and tweet/comment (details above) your guess for a chance to win 2 GA tickets to EDC Vegas. The winner will be announced on the day of the reveal, June 9th.