The Super Bowl of dance festivals is upon us. Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, which drew in 400,000 fans to the Motor Speedway last year, is 2.5 weeks away from opening the floodgates once more to welcome even more people. Insomniac’s crown jewel is expected to exceed last year’s production, with some new features to enhance your experience this year.

New Stage Designs: In 2013, we had the owl. in 2014 was the cathedral. I’m most excited to see what this year’s Crystal Village will look like. Also joining the crew is The Funk House – a 360 degree structure made out of recycled materials.

Carnival Square: Insomniac always features some of your favorite carnival rides like bumper cars and a ferris wheel. The central hub of the festival will be your oasis when you need a quick break and snacks.

Marquee Sky Deck: While most festivals don’t do a good job at creating a real VIP experience to justify the bumped up costs of a ticket, Marquee will be creating a nightclub at EDC Vegas with bottle service and other premium amenities. If you really want to go in style, you can design your own cabana for you and your friends. The VIP area in general has improved, adding a new viewing deck at the cosmicMEADOW stage as well.

Art: Artist Gerard Minakawa has been working on “Palace Blue” a bamboo designed fortress modeled after the Hagia Sophia cathedral in Instabul. This art installation took 20 tons of bamboo, steel, wood, and fabric to crate.

FOOD: Festival success is measured in food. While the music is memorable, so is that meal that hits the spot at 2am. Lobster, Wood Oven Pizza, and an organic food truck are just three of the many new food items coming to the Speedway in two weeks. The mainstage will also have it’s own upscale restaurant called the Dining Deck where guests can shell out $140 for a 3 course seated dinner that includes sushi!

Rest Stops: Kudos to the PLUR Warriors that can dance all night without needing a break. For the rest of us, a quick 20 min respite inbetween sets is just the boost we need to make it through the night. Knowing this, Insomniac has designed more rest stops for attendees to meet with friends, get their bearings, or just fall into a cuddle puddle.

Merch: Year and after year Insomniac steps up their merch game, so it should come as no surprise that this year will be no different. But just in case you forget to buy something at the festival, you can also purchase gear at places like the Wynn and Encore too.

EDC Las Vegas begins Friday, June 19th.


Photo: Krystal Spencer