Sean Tyas comes at us with a hard-hitting trance production, featuring Fisher on vocal-duty. “Something In The Way” skillfully blends the beauty of a classic trance melody with the aggressiveness of something off of Who’s Afraid of 138?!.

Tyas starts the song off with a hard pounding kick, a mere taste of the energy this track will later bring. Fisher, widely regarded for her vocal talents on trance tracks, begins her verse above a layer of pulsating bass notes. This will surely hype up any listener for what’s to come next. But wait! In typical trance-fashion, the listener is given a little break via vocal interlude. Fisher’s vocal talents are fully showcased here, supported only by Tyas’s simple ambient chords in the background. A classic snare build takes us to the climax, where any trance fan is sure to have some involuntary movements. The layers of synths create beautiful chords, with progressions that would make even the coldest heart shed a tear. But before that tear falls, another punchy kick line is introduced. It’s as if Tyas was trying to squeeze the last bit of energy he could from his listeners. Tyas brings his listeners for a ride on the Emotional Express, and soon tears are flying. The beautiful chord progressions from earlier are brought back, now supported by Fisher’s entrancing (pun fully intended) vocals. This track is sure to leave any trance fan in awe and will surely be heard in a number of sets this festival season.

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