Will Canas is an up-and-coming trance / progressive house producer based out of Houston, and is definitely one to keep an eye on. “Fiore“, Canas’s latest progressive offering, showcases his production talent and firm grasp on the trance/progressive vibe.

“Fiore” begins with a soft kick and simple synth plucks, establishing a chill house-y vibe from the start. Slowly, more elements are brought in, done simply but elegantly. The intro creates a repetitive atmosphere, while retaining the listener’s interest. An uncomplicated piano interlude is merged with the plucks from before, building upon the simple and elegant atmosphere of the track. My only complaint is the lack of vocals; the melodies on this track scream for a female vocal accompaniment. But other than that, Canas leaves the listener little to complain about.

Overall, the track is repetitive, but what else would you expect from house? Trance fans should not shy away from the play button, though. While more progressive in nature, this track is very reminiscent of a George Acosta & Fisher track, capable of transcending the line between progressive house and trance. Canas proves that ‘repetitive’ is not synonymous with ‘boring’, by delivering a simple but engaging track, sure to please both progressive house and trance fans.

Stream the track below or head over to Beatport to purchase the full release!