Too Future. continues to astound the airwaves with their now weekly guest mixes from the hottest unknown artists. This week Mau5trap’s BlackGummy curated a mix I have already listened to 3 times in less than 24 hours. Chock full of unreleased tracks and a signature sound of futuristic housey night bass, these next 30 minutes are a real treat for any music lover.

Packed with all sorts of house music, BlackGummy holds nothing back on this mix unleashing tracks from Feed Me, Haywyre, Loosid, and a bunch of IDs for you to enjoy. If you like what you hear you need to check out his track Lullaby in mau5trap’s recent We Are Friends: Volume 4 compilation. You should also get excited because he has a bunch of unreleased originals that he’ll be releasing over the second half of 2015, some of which you’ll hear in this mix.

The name for Too Future. came about last year when the well-respected DJ Shadow was kicked off the decks mid set at club Mansion in Miami. Promoters approached him in the booth and asked him to play the kind of music they thought the crowd wanted to hear and told him that his bass-driven selections were “too future”. DJ Shadow picks up the mic and addresses the crowd: “They say you all want that house music back on right?” The crowd immediately yells “NOOO!” as DJ Shadow turns back on the rattling bass and continues his show as planned. Crowd members can easily be heard screaming “FUCK MANSION!” and “FUCK THIS PLACE!” clearly showing their disdain for anyone wanting Shadow’s performance to end. Shadow was approached again, exchanges a few sentences, picks up the mic and says, “Miami I just want to say I respect you. Y’all created the bass. I’ve waited a long time to play here but they’re saying this shit is too future for all y’all…” and walks off stage. An outraged crowd continues its angry shouts “FUCK YOU! THIS IS NOT MY MIAMI!” as a less bass-heavy track is immediately put on to keep the party going. A move like this is incredibly insulting to a DJ of Shadow’s stature, and also to the members of the crowd who paid good money to see him at work. This created quite a ruckus in the EDM world and many people shared a laugh over the video a smart fan was lucky enough to catch:


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1) BlackGummy - ID
2) Rob Pix - Jack That (Baytek Remix)
3) Rezz - I
4) Drezo - Vitriol
5) Nero - Innocence (Baewatch Bootleg)
6) Loosid - Voltage (ft. Michele Wylen)
7) Haywyre & Zeros - Permutate
8) TinLicker - Dirty
9) Golden Features - Guillotine
10) EYES & Astronaut - Pinball (The McMash Clan Remix)
11) BlackGummy & Louis Vivet - ID
12) Jauz - Feel The Volume
13) Eptik - Danger (Habstrakt VIP)
14) BlackGummy - Lullaby
15) Feed Me - Orion
16) Deadmau5 - Superliminal
17) BlackGummy - ID
18) BlackGummy & ID - ID
19) KRUMM - Two Wounds
20) BlackGummy & Louis Vivet - ID