For almost two decades now, English producer John 00 Fleming has been making waves in both the mainstream and underground trance scenes. He is the founder of J00f Recordings, a label that has received support from household names such as Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Above & Beyond, and Paul Oakenfold. On top of that, Fleming is a master of mixing, unleashing a new episode of his two-hour Global Trance Grooves radio show at least once a month. GTG covers the best in underground trance, showcasing an array of talent hand-picked and expertly mixed by the man himself. Last year he unleashed an epic four-hour mix,  J00F Editions Volume 1, which featured a tracklist spanning from Goa to Psy to Tech and more. Now, J00F Editions Volume 2 is a stunning follow-up that boasts an equally impressive range of deep sounds.

J00F Editions Volume 2 can only be described as a musical trek, sporting a similar four hour run time as Volume 1. Fleming refuses to hold back, dropping an assortment of tracks across a number of trance sub-genres throughout. Even by his standards, the mix begins subdued, with reserved energy but Fleming is master of time management, and uses the first hour to display the ‘chiller’ tracks of the year. A handful of minutes after the 1-hour mark is where things begin to pick up. Harsher sounds are brought in, ushering in a psy-trance wave. Fleming keeps this going for the next hour, while still offering enough diversity to hold the audience’s attention. This gives way to darker tracks, allowing them to maintain the pace of the mix while offering a whole new vibe. As the next hour hits,  the higher arpeggiating notes of Goa trance offer a refreshing escape from the lower, bass-driven notes of the previous hours. This continues until the finish line, where Fleming finally delivers a break in an ambient rendition of his own track, “5000 Light Years From Earth.”

JOOF Editions Volume 2 is truly a four-hour journey, taking the listener through 41 tracks of pure trance. While a number of these artists are relatively unknown (hardcore GTG fans will recognize a number of songs from previous mixes), one track stood out to me in particular. Whilst perusing the tracklist, I noticed “Liquid Soul & Zyrus 7 Aka Talla 2XLC The Future (Liquid Soul Remix).” Talla 2XLC is a champion of the trance scene, and I personally did not expect to see a name I recognized on this tracklist. I had no idea he had an alias by the name of Zyrus 7, and this gave me a little fan-boy chill down my spine.

If you’re a fan of trance and it’s many sub-genres, this mix is not one to sleep on.

JOOF Editions Volume 2 Tracklist:
01 John 00 Fleming & The Digital Blonde (00.Db) ‘Amanitas’
02 Miika Kuisma & Luminecent ‘Wave Of Life’
03 Matt Lange ‘Falling Into Place’
04 Rick Pier O’Neil ‘Funktional’
05 Kalden Bess ‘Broken’
06 Marian Brito ‘Univers’ (Subconcoius Tales Remix)
07 Phoebus ‘Three Eye Raven’
08 Blusoul ‘Depth Of Emotion’ (Progress Inn Remix)
09 Napalm & D-Phrag ‘Rise Up’ (Cetera Remix)
10 Rich Curtis & Dark Soul Project ‘Synesthesia’ (Gai Barone Son Of A Duke Remix)
11 Guy J ’Dizzy Moments’
12 Rick Pier O’Neil ‘Rool To The World’ (Part 1)
13 Rick Pier O’Neil ‘Loud And Proud’ (Part 2)
14 Armystral ‘Fire’ (Eric Sneo Remix)
15 Alessandro Spaiani ‘Revenge’
16 Andy Ling ‘Fixation’ (Relaunch Remix)
17 Airwave ‘A Touch Of Grace’ (Deep And Dark Mix)
18 The Digital Blonde & Splattered Implant ‘The Weeping Willow’ (Facade Remix)
19 Nanoplex ‘The Droog’ (Headflux Remix)
20 Audionoir ‘One More Night’ (Airwave Remix)
21 Manu Riga ‘The Darkness Within’ (Airwave Remix)
22 Airwave ‘Tigris And Euphrates’
23 Rick Pier O’Neil ‘The Dark Machine’
24 Alex Di Stefano ‘Black Panther’
25 M.I.T.A. ‘Black Or White’ (Sutter Cane Remix)
26 Justin Schumacer ‘Resist’ (Sutter Cane Remix)
27 John 00 Fleming ‘Tik Tok’ (Part 1)
28 Bryan Kearney ‘Say Nothing’ (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
29 Zen Mechanics & Egorythmia ‘Dragonfruit’ Album Edit (Lyctum Remix)
30 Astrix ‘Techno Widows‘ (Sonic Species Remix)
31 1200 Micorgrams ‘Shivas India’ (Outsiders Remix)
32 Micky Noise ‘7 Theories’
33 John 00 Fleming ’The Imperial Echo Of Devastation’
34 Protonica ‘Floating Joint’
35 Ticon‘Hops Of Hades’
36 Gaudium ‘Tornado’
37 Static Illusion ‘Mind Keepers’
38 Audiotec & Space Cat ‘Touring’
39 Liquid Soul & Zyrus 7 Aka Talla 2XLC ‘The Future’ (Liquid Soul Remix)
40 Astrix ‘High On Mel’
41 John 00 Fleming ‘5000 Light Years From Earth’ (Ambient Mix)