In case you were wondering, Jack Ü is kind of a big deal. 

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Just like Ron Burgundy

Skrillex and Diplo’s biggest hit, “Where Are Ü Now,” is perfect proof of that, as it just reached over 100 million streams online. Along with hitting #10 on iTunes, the massive collaboration officially became the first Justin Bieber song which we can all support. The train doesn’t stop there, however, as their recently released remix package will surely garner an even greater audience.

The EP features remixes from huge names such as Kaskade, Rustie, Marshmello, and an Ember Island cover that we reviewed a little over a month ago. The smaller names came out on top, in my opinion, as Marshmello and Ember Island each provide a unique, masterful spin, revealing their etherial skill-set.

Kaskade and Rustie provide original reinventions of the dance anthem as well, but we all have our favorites at the end of the day. Take a listen to the other remixes below, and make sure to let us know which ones are your favorites!