Et tu, Beatport?

Even though Spotify appears to have conquered the market for music streaming, major players and companies want to join the fray and cash in on this booming movement. Although TIDAL has taken a massive beating since its inception, Apple Music changed overnight thanks to Taylor Swift, and now Google Play is transforming into a free/ad-based platform, Beatport has made their move to use embedded music players that would support close to all of their entire catalog of tunes.

Although TIDAL promised exclusive content only available to their customers, Beatport has carried plenty of exclusive singles and albums for years as a music store and can utilize that perk to its fullest potential as a competitor. This is a pretty huge advantage to aim at many electronic dance music fans who may not get the same advantages with the current lineup of music streaming applications and services. Only time will tell if Beatport will hold its ground against the top dogs or bite the dust in front of their lucrative soon-to-be rivals.

To make a nice first impression to the world, go down to Beatport and check out this embedding article they released to show how they plan to share their music.