An 18 year old Canadian producer has recently taken the community by storm with a grand prize winning remix of Deadmau5‘s “Some Chords” in the recent competition hosted by Beatport. Andrei Stephen, drawing his production influence from dance music giants Skrillex and (of course) Deadmau5, is a self-taught musician turned mau5trap sensation. His remix has finally reached its official release date today, and can now be streamed and purchased by all.

The track begins abruptly, with wide, dynamic stings of synth and a kick that has the listener immediately in the groove. After a warbley swell with tight percussion leading the charge, the song whispers into an echoey flutter of white noise. From the silence emerges the foreboding and sophisticated melodic progression of Deadmau5’s original. Before long, however, an anthemic lead emerges and takes over the focus of the track’s energy. The build runs its course, and quickly drops into an electro-themed heater with endless whirs, arpeggios, and percussive elements. Well-placed glitches and FX serve to add satisfying weight to the underlying beat, and after a short respite, the drop is repeated with newfound meaning and force.

Head over to Beatport to download the full track, and stay tuned for what’s sure to be a long and exciting career for this newcomer.