Enhanced Music is a name that should be instantly recognized by any keeping up with the trance and progressive-house scenes. Home to a number of modern trance icons such as Tritonal, Juventa, and Aruna, Enhanced has been making serious waves in recent years and is showing no signs of slowing down. Their newest release “Eyes to the Sky” comes to us courtesy of Noah Neiman, an up-and-comer based out of Texas, and embodies everything expected of an Enhanced release.

Featuring Anna Yvette on vocals, “Eyes to the Sky” is a beautiful progressive-house ballad. Layered over her singing are nice ambient synths and what sound like guitar-plucks. This gives way to a an huge build-up, long enough to draw out your anticipation, but ending right before you’re annoyed. The drop is a true crowd-pleaser; pounding kick drums under epic chord-progressions that will really get the Feels Train moving at full steam. Noah Neiman proves he has the talent to boast the Enhanced name with “Eyes to the Sky,” and I fully expect to see his name on their future releases.

Stream “Eyes to the Sky” (out everywhere July 6th) below or head over to Beatport for an exclusive early release!