It’s been about a month since the last intensely innovative release from Germany’s Saturate! Records and we’re sure all you crunk junkies and bass fiends are hungry for some more hot beats. The good news: Oakland badman, Sayer, is here to keep things boiling and bubbling with his latest EP. The bad news: you haven’t pressed play yet.

Spanning 13 tracks in total, Process Animation is a truly otherworldly record. Sayer has always managed to fuse elements of trap, grime, and West coast 808 music in a way that is distinctly his own, but these tunes sound like he was channeling energy straight out of the depths of space. The bass sucks you in like a black-hole, surrounding you with ethereal rhythms and arpeggiated laser fire. It’s no stretch to picture the commander of an Imperial star destroyer bumping this release as he cruises through the cosmos searching for Rebels. Collaborations with fellow Bay Area beat freaks, BOATS & Bleep Bloop, keep things extra wild and wonky; and we haven’t even mentioned the remixes yet. Boss-status Saturate alumni & friends like Mad Zach, YhetiDJ PoundShlump and more lent their talents to the second half of the release, making sure that variety and creativity reign supreme.

Stand Out Tracks: ‘Blink’, ‘Glassjaw’, ‘Steady Fade (ft. BOATS)’, ‘Blink’ (Mad Zach remix)

Process Animation is available as a pay-what-you-can download on the label’s Bandcamp page. Check out the full stream after the jump and be sure to support these forward thinking artists if you’re feelin’ the vibes!


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