As far as glitch hop and similar styles go, Adapted Records is one of the best imprints out there keeping up the low-end funk. The label has recently pushed their first ever Glitch & Funk compilation, and since it’s labeled as Vol. 1, we can assume there is more quality bass music to come. I’m certainly ready for it, but before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s look at what we have with the first installment.

Adapted Records dropped fifteen tracks total in this project, with works from some of the best producers in the game like Beat Fatigue, Crazy Daylight, Orphic and Spekr Freks. Personal favorites include Warp9’s spacey “Purple Funkazoids,” Kybosh’s “Split Minstrel” and Vice City’s collaboration with Hexsonic on the futuristic “Reflections.” The entire compilation is solid from beginning to end, so make sure to rummage through all of the records. Looking to grab a copy? Head on over to Beatport below.

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