Spearheading one of the most talented and diverse up and coming labels Noh Life, Noer the Boy has just released a new track dedicated to a very special someone. His ability to continually put out genre-defying trap heaters, along with his attention to precise and effective percussive detail, has allowed him to work alongside some big names in the community like Tsuruda, Dr. Derg, and Zero Tep. Now, we see Noer the Boy writing a track in the name of a lost dog, whose ‘missing’ sign he found on the side of a road. We send our love out to “Lulu,” and hope this track can spread some awareness.

The track begins with a swirling array of bubbling noises, metal stings, and crackles. From the chaos eventually emerges a steady clap that serves as the only indicator of the underlying count beneath the complicated and cleverly off-time rhythm to follow. If you forget to keep bobbing your head from the onset of the drop, you might lose your place as the kicks and snares are broken up by short flaps of percussion and bells. A dark and rough synth narrates the beat as different elements are added and removed in patterns I can only describe as “mathematical”. Longer, tonal sounds are introduced as the track suddenly loses its percussion altogether and becomes a scratchy, layered instrumental. Finally, a few whips and cracks bring it to its close.

Download “Lulu” for free, and keep up with Noer the Boy on his Facebook page!