In a world where Anheuser-Busch, 7Up, and T-Mobile rule EDM, fans are rightfully wary when it comes to corporations encroaching on our hallowed ground.

However, one corporation has enough public approval, enough charm and charisma, behind their brand that I think people might actually like it?

Having previously teamed up with Dillon Francis and “Get Low” for one of their commercialsTaco Bell is at it again – this time with Viceroy. Opting to remix “The Business Of Emotion” by Big Data, Viceroy turns the radio-friendly pop tune into a tropical ballad.

Still, the lyrics on top of the tropical beat are reminiscent of early cheesy ’90s pop groups like S Club 7 or TLC.

Also, EDM Sauce reminds us all that Taco Bell is serving $1 beverages from 2 to 5 pm to help beat the summer heat! So stay thirsty my friends … no, wait …

Though do not forget, even before Dillon Francis, Taco Bell has been immersed in the music culture and even hosted their own festival called Feed The Beat in 2012, a partnership with Pandora. Who knows, maybe instead of little cups of 7-UP, we’ll be seeing tacos and gordita crunch supremes at the next major music festival. A boy can dream.