Sokko & Lyons are up-and-comers from Oregon, proving they have what it takes to successfully push the confines of genres. The pair seamlessly blend the laid-back nature of tropical house with high energy progressive sounds; add a little trance in there and you have Sokko & Lyons. Their most recent remix of Kygo’s “Stole the Show” adds some much needed life to the original, maintaining its overall summer vibe while showcasing the duo’s production talent.

Sokko & Lyons’s remix starts off at a much livelier tempo than the original, immediately letting us know they intend to bring the heat. The vocals, courtesy of Parson James, are put over layers of piano chords, creating a beautiful melody just before the build. We are introduced to running xylophone sounds, a key player in this tune. These can be heard throughout the remix, keeping the tropical feel while driving the track with enough gusto to break through to progressive fans.

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