You might have figured that here at Your EDM we’re fans of Haitian native Michael Brun. Well, if you feel like us you should probably be stoked on Brun’s latest piece, a remix of Feenix Pawl & Jason Forte‘s ‘Blue Sky‘.

Let me preface this quick review with the following: I’m 110% over Big Room. However, I can enjoy bigger tracks with a progressive house flair. I enjoy a bit of house piano and uplifting melody, but the second it gets incongruous or drops into a pitch kick element, I lose all interest. Thankfully, Brun has taken the house piano and uplifting melody root, making for a very nice track with some decent pop sensibility to boot.

Be sure to peep the track below


Feenixpawl & Jason Forte ft. Mary Jane Smith – Blue Sky (Michael Brun Remix)