NGHTMRE has been on a winning streak lately, releasing amazing remixes and original tracks alongside other talented producers. This time, he has really outdone himself with his new remix of “It’s Alright” featuring the breathy vocals of Tep No’s very own Lizz Kellermann. The one and only Mr. Suicide Sheep actually requested that NGHTMRE remix this beautiful original, and I can definitely see why he did. The beginning of the track highlights the melodic vocals, preparing you for what’s to come. The drop is infused with intense bass, bringing the future bass style to life while chopping the vocals perfectly. The overall feeling of the tune exudes a wonderful amount of emotion and empowerment. NGHTMRE was very cutting edge with the vocals and the bass in this track, and I am sure I am not the only one pleased by it. Be sure to check out more from this incredible producer, as he such a huge amount of creativity and artistic ability when making his music.