Laszlo has been releasing with Monstercat for quite some time, and each original and remix from him has been a huge treat for his fans. He just recently had his new EP Closer unveiled and it’s truly a masterpiece.

The first track “Closer” has nature related sounds and it gives off an essence of being vulnerable and new in the world. “Our Arrival” speeds things up a bit, and you can imagine being on a high flying adventure across the universe.  The upbeat tempo, happy synths and drumstep infused bassline is absolutely captivating. The third track dubbed “A King’s Life” feels as though a journey has begun, and you feel invited to take part in something greater than yourself. It reminds me a lot of something that Porter Robinson would create, and sets in motion something extraordinary in your heart. “Destination” was extremely haunting in the best way possible, with a slow tempo and using many space travel inspired sounds. This reminded me a lot of the Angels and Airwaves albums I used to listen to growing up, and it gave me a pleasant feeling of nostalgia. The final track “Law of the Jungle” closes out this EP beautifully, and it sends a type of message that this is not the end of a world. It’s only a beginning of something greater although all of the answers are not presented. This track was perfect to end the EP, and it turns out it’s Laszlo’s favorite. I think I can see why!

Laszlo was very outside of the box with this production. You can really tell that he put all of his heart and imagination into this wonderful work of art. It was composed with a storyline, although the story may vary between listeners. This type of electronic music to me is extremely valuable in our generation, and I do hope more producers can follow in Laszlo’s footsteps to envision something beyond sounds and beats. Be sure to listen for more from this outstanding artist, as there’s nothing but good things coming from his mind and his work.