As Orange Is The New Black continues to gain in popularity, hailed celebrity Ruby Rose is taking advantage of the hype to expand her music career. She’s been at it for, as far as we can tell, at least four years; however, it would appear that she has already set out on scoring bigger and better shows as a result of the hype around her role as an actress.

Debuting for the first time in New York City at legendary club Pacha, Ruby Rose is set to headline tomorrow,  on July the 4th. The pansexual model, artist, actor & Justin Bieber lookalike even has a SoundCloud chock full of mediocre, multi-genre tracks and moderately better mixes. You can get tickets for the show here

And check out her latest mix below, but brace yourself – the celebrity takeover of EDM continues.

Funnily enough, Ruby Rose isn’t the first star from OITNB to take part in electronic music. Taryn Manning has been producing since 2012, and has even been remixed by R3hab. She’s also a vocalist and has been featured on tracks from KDrew, Razihel and Bynon.

H/T Dancing Astro