Wireless Festival is a 4-day fest situated in London that draws tens of thousands of people a year. Well, they just got a few hundred more unexpected attendees.

Video popped up early this morning (or, I suppose, afternoon in the UK) that shows two security agents futilely attempting to hold back a crowd of hundreds that were rocking a side-gate back and forth. You can see one guard on the radio clearly calling for back-up, until he just gives up.

A random attendee flips the lock on the gate and hundreds come pouring in to catch either Swedish superstar Avicii or lyricist extraordinaire Kendrick Lamar. You can easily read the look of physical defeat on the security guard as he sees it happening.

After about 20 seconds, back-up arrives and the gate is closed. But in a festival that size, the crashers won’t likely be found today.

Watch the video below.

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