The creativity that some people possess truly boggles the mind.

Kegan McDaniel, designer and co-owner of Kero Products, took the design from Kanye’s Yeezy 750 Boost series and transplanted it onto a pair of headphones. Though this is merely a design, with no physical prototype, Complex accurately points out the hype that could come about if these actually made it to retail.

Taking design cues from the coveted pair, McDaniel executed his design beautifully as he replicated the model’s colorway perfectly while appropriating the Yeezy Boost’s signature outsole as the headphones ear cushions, and the shoe’s rope design as the headphone’s wire.

Seriously though, these look really dope.

adidas-yeezy-boost-headphones-2_yhmjbu adidas-yeezy-boost-headphones-1_nqz38q


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