There are two types of Project 46 fans: those who started tracking them after their releases on Monstercat (such as “No One,” “Reasons,” and “Motionless“), and those who found them through their collaboration “Last Chance” with Kaskade. Both will enjoy “Destroy Me,” which features the astounding and gorgeous vocals of the California-based singer Brooke Tomlinson.

This track, from their debut album Beautiful, is immediately one of my favorite tracks the Canadian duo has ever touched. Long-time Monstercat fans will be falling in love with this track in no time. As for “Last Chance” fans, “Destroy Me” could have easily been a followup to the collaboration, but Project 46 handled the track all on their own. The result is no less impressive, with excellent production skills that resonate throughout their rest of the album as well.

Beautiful releases this Friday on Ultra (pre-order here), but in the meantime, you can listen exclusively to “Destroy Me” right here. After hearing the track’s beautiful piano lines, stunning vocals and an unforgettable progressive house drop, you’ll be begging for more from Project 46.