Fred Falke has gained international acclaim as one of Europe’s most sought after remixers, attracting the attention of such names as Eric Prdyz, U2, and Tiësto. His newest work is a remix of Brooklyn-based Chordashian’s Skyscraper Souls,” an indie-dance hit featuring Freedom Fry on vocal duty. Falke breathes new life into this, laying down an atmospheric take that delivers endless feel-good vibes.

Fred Falke starts us off with a house-y rhythm supported by nicely placed vocal chops. While the original track mainly relied on plucking synths, Falke uses softer chord progressions to drive the beat, allowing the vocals to become the point of focus. The ambient sounds support the singing, resulting in a beautiful melody that really gets the feels going. The mix is on point; the background never overpowers the vocals and vice versa. Fred Falke really showcases his technical experience with this remix of “Skyscraper Souls,” delivering an instant summer classic that you won’t want to miss out on.

Stream the track below or head to iTunes / Beatport to purchase!