Chicago based duo Milk N Cookies have been on an interesting trajectory of late, and their latest endeavor with Stratus proves to be another quality production. Steppy cuts and oscillating stabs slap over a bodacious bass line in this eclectic house production titled, “Stay Up.”

The track begins teasing an expectant electro build, slowly advancing into darker undertones as it develops. A telling drum rolls starts, and “Stay Up” bares its fangs as Stratus deploys a rumbling fidget lead over Milk N Cookies galloping big room beat. Each artist has an evident hand in the mix, contributing their unique production talents to complete a truly unique sonic idea. Overall, snarling leads alternate with rowdy Dutch synths to straddle the line between aggressive and playful. If you like crossbred soundscapes that defy genre, you’re in for a treat.

Courtesy of Kitchin Records, you can pick up “Stay Up” for free download.

Milk N Cookies: Twitter/Soundcloud

Stratus: Twitter/Soundcloud