A ridiculous turn of events involving a delayed flight, 15,000 fans, and three epic DJs spawned one of the most epic B2B2B DJ sets of the year. A late flight getting in forced Justin 3lau’s management to put his set on hold, meanwhile there was a sea of fans waiting to hear some fantastic music who got a treat of something much better. Not just one DJ, but three of the more unrivaled artists of California’s vast DJ population, Protohype, 12th Planet, and Ookay filled in for a once in a lifetime – spur of the moment – DJ set, unofficially dubbed the Cali House Mafia. As one after the other, the trio played top of the line progressive house and 4 on the floor house music, prompting fans to subtly nod their heads at the pleasantly timed line up change, embracing one another in a sign of approval.

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Will we ever see more of the Cali House Mafia? Maybe at the right place at the right time… Only time will tell…