If you weren’t aware, Varien’s debut album The Ancient & Arcane is due out on August 5th. For an artist that has reinvented himself and his music many times over, this is something you should be excited about.

The first single for his album, “Supercell” featuring Veela, is now out with an incredible accompanying video. It features a woman behind a computer screen, writing code, as she realizes that her code is sentient, personified by Varien himself. Though he looks odd in white as opposed to his usual black, his journey to humanity via music is blissfully enticing.

To this point, I haven’t even mentioned what the track sounds like, which is brilliant in its own right. Veela’s voice glides softly over the melodic bassline and delicate kicks. The beauty of this track is in the writing, production and arrangement, effortlessly conveying a deep message and dancey atmosphere.

I’m so excited for The Ancient & Arcane to finally reach the rest of the world. You don’t know what you’re in for.

Check out the music video for “Supercell” below and pre-order The Ancient & Arcane on Bandcamp and Google Play (iTunes pre-order will be coming later).

Pre-order on Google Play: http://monster.cat/1MIu0qN
Pre-order on Bandcamp: http://monster.cat/1LDBvAQ