Jameston Thieves is at it again with another delectable bass house production. After delivering a stellar interpretation of Jack Ü’s “Febreze,” the Phoenix based producer has now spun Prismo’s “TRVP HVNDS” into an intense journey rife with the squiggles and squabbles of another dimension.

In tandem with staple sounds of future house, the “TRVP HVNDS” remix employs some seriously inventive sound design. A strong yet filtered kick lends a backbone for tinted synth pads to climb throughout the track, and supporting vocal chops get served up with a styled house beat. Drum rolls build into the track’s pumping rattle which continues to punch through the entire breakdown as devious bass patches take the spotlight. Another delight is the vast difference between breakdowns, embellished nicely with an assortment of growls and shrieks to offer a welcome variety. The entire arrangement is a pleasure to listen to, and I can assure you that Jameston Thieves will be reappearing in the not-too-distant future.


Stay on the lookout for Jameston Thieves’ upcoming original tracks, and grab this beauty for free download, courtesy of Uprise Music.