Maor Levi is a jack-of-all-trades producer, releasing house and trance tracks under his own name, filthy bass as Lazer Lazer Lazer, and techno as 123XYZ. He’s even 1/4 of  bass heavyweights Bad Royale. With such a diverse catalogue, it can easily be argued that Maor Levi is one of the most talented producers out there, capable of using his skills to transcend genres. His newest track is out under his own name, a glittery progressive-house remix of Class Actress’s “The Limit.

Maor starts things off some organ-like chords which act as direct support for Class Actress’s dreamy pop vocals. This leads into a groovy drop, bringing vibes reminiscent of something Madeon might produce. The second drop brings in a nice lead synth, which gives a high-energy boost just before the track fades out. Maor Levi crafted a proper remix with this one, producing a new attention-grabbing track that still showcases the original vocal work.

Check out his remix of “The Limit” below!