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Not every success story has to come from what some people would call a “real life struggle.”  Some people grow up with a pretty average, comfortable life, which has in turn enabled them to help and inspire others who may have experienced more suffering.  Thomas Gold is one of those people.  He has lived a pretty favorable life and has turned out to be a pretty incredible person because of it. This is his story.

Thomas Gold grew up in a town close to Munich, Germany with his mother and father.  As a kid, he was always emotionally invested in music.  When he was seven years old his mother took him to a promotional event for electronic organs.  Young Thomas saw a man playing one of these electronic organs and then proceeded to tell his mother that he wanted to do the same thing. His mother signed him up for lessons and so Thomas was on his way to becoming a professional musician.

I think a lot of us have learned in life that when one door closes, another one opens.  This is no different for Thomas, as he acquired an infatuation for house music; he quit playing the electronic organ and bought his first synthesizer at 15 instead.  Just one year later he began to DJ and then at 18 established his first residency at a nightclub.  He laughs remembering this first residency exclaiming, “I got thrown out one week later!” He didn’t have a problem with it, though because all he has ever wanted is to have a job where he can be creative and remain true to who he is.  While this debut residency may have had a short lifespan, he finally landed another one in his early 20’s.

Similar to a lot of us when we are in the early stages of chasing our dreams, Thomas had a normal, non-music job.  Once he realized that he would be happier doing what he loves full-time, he quit this day job and pursued his music career.  Quitting served as a real test to his dedication and perseverance.  His music career was essentially nothing – he didn’t have any contacts or any way to make money…he lived the life of a starving artist, but he didn’t care.  He overcame these challenges that he faced with the support of family and friends who believed in him.

Since his breakout remix for Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain”, Thomas has released tracks on the likes of Axtone, Armada Music, Size, and Spinnin’ Records, and has stormed the mainstages of EDC Las Vegas and Tomorrowland.  He noted that it was “such an amazing and mind-blowing experience” to open for artists like Swedish House Mafia and Avicii.  Seeing all the flags from hundreds of nations at Tomorrowland makes Gold feel really humbled about what he does for a living.  The world is so big yet so small and there is inspiration everywhere. He believes that DJs can use their power of fame to unite people from all across the globe, which he hopes will lessen the amount of hatred and wars.

Thomas gains a lot of inspiration from his fans.  He recognizes that without his fans his career wouldn’t even exist.  Because of his fans, he is able to remain motivated to make music every day.  His parents, the ones who have been supporting him all along, have also left a profound impact on their son. He keeps one inspirational quote in mind at all times…his mother once said, “You will forget about the negative things in life, but you will always keep [the memories] the good ones.”  With positivity and persistence, Thomas Gold hopes to continue impacting the world with his music and spreading inspiration and love to every nation.  In the end, the good is what will triumph.

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