Finally. F*cking finally. I have been waiting for this since bass house first reared its head late last year. The genre grew so quickly that people were jumping on the sound that made it popular, and not digging into how they could expand the sound. That achievement now belongs to Colton Carlyle, remixing “The Hills” by The Weeknd.

Now I know, at first listen, you might not even think that this is bass house, and that’s understandable. We’ve been subjected to the same synths and basslines for nearly a year, ingraining them and making them that “signature sound.” But if you listen to the beat, the tempo, the rhythm, the vibe, this is undeniably bass house and that’s what makes it so fucking cool.

And it’s not just the synths, either. The closed hats in some sections of the drop give much greater diversity to the percussion, and the rhythm is absolutely fresh. I defy anyone like myself who doesn’t normally like house to keep still listening to this.

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