TastyTreat and NRMИ have teamed up to deliver a massive future track called “Summers Love” featuring the breathy and sensual vocals of none other than Tribes. This tune is so upbeat and vibrant, providing a wide and beautiful variety of electronic sounds. It really does have this essence of summer to it, and it paints an incredible picture of how great future tracks really can be. I love how the vocals are mixed in with the rhythms, and all in all it’s just a really creative and fun tune to listen to. Both NRMN and TastyTreat have been working with label Hebinomichi, and these guys are seriously very talented. Be on the look out for more from TastyTreat and NRMN, and be sure to follow them on the social media links below.

Oh and P.S., this awesome track s available for free download!

Artwork by Omnioux