I have been waiting for months for something new from Grant Bowtie, and his new release “High Tide” with Monstercat is finally here. It is way more than what I expected, and it’s seriously going to blow a lot of MCAT fans out of the water.

The track begins with a bang, filled with twisting and turning electronic beats with mysterious sounding vocals mixed in. All of a sudden, the beat drops into a whirlwind of future bass. It’s like you have no idea which sound to hold onto, and it’s as if Grant Bowtie took Flume and leveled up about ten times. It’s a fascinating joy ride through ups and downs in the bass waves and highs and lows in the electronic sounds generating this tune. There’s no way you can possibly sit still while allowing this magic to flow through your ears. Grant Bowtie has always produced incredible works of art with his music, but this track just just phenomenal. I can’t wait to see how he plans to top this one. Catch more from this amazing artist by following the social media links below, and look out for more to come from him on Monstercat.